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Net exposure Meizu 16 configuration: full screen without Liu Hai, Xiao Long 845 + screen optical fingerprint

Net exposure Meizu 16 configuration: full screen without Liu Hai, Xiao Long 845 + screen optical fingerprint

T home June 14 news Recently, the online exposure Meizu 16 detailed configuration parameters, including the screen, processor, camera, price and so on. It is reported that the new aircraft will be officially released at the end of July or early August.

According to digital chat sites, bloggers Mocha RQ and other microblogging bloggers, Meizu 16 has two versions, 5.6-inch 16, and 6.1-inch 16 PRO, 7.2mm thick, are all without fringe curved screen. Both models are equipped with Xiaolong 845 processor, front camera 20 million pixels + rainbow soft beauty algorithm, rear dual 12 million pixel dual camera combination. At the same time, both models support under-the-screen optical fingerprinting, priced from 2999 yuan

For other parameters, the Meizu 16 has 6GB of memory, 64/128GB of storage, 3080mAh of battery capacity, and 24W (8V 3A) fast charge. The Meizu 16 PRO features 6/8GB RAM, 128/256GB storage, 3600mAh battery capacity, 32W (8V 4A) fast charging, and 10W wireless charging. Both include NFC, 3D Press, Flyme 7.5, smart housekeeper AI Creek and other functions.

In addition, the operating system was upgraded to Flyme 7.5 with better overall screen interaction. mBack is upgraded to hover mode without affecting the screen view. In the small circle, touch "Back", long-touch "tap to return", press "Back to the desktop", long press "extinguish screen", twice press "open camera or Meizu Pay".

In terms of price, Meizu 16's 6+64GB version is 2999 yuan, and 6+128GB version is 3299 yuan. Meizu 16 PRO 6+128GB version 3699 yuan, 8+256GB version 3999 yuan.

Improve efficiency, acceleration! Read all the new features of Android O (Android 8.0)

Google released a second Android O developer preview at the just-concluded I/O 2017 Developer Conference and opened a second Android O Developer Preview registration page to regular users. A developer preview, Android O has added some new features. At present, foreign media Androidauthority has made a summary of the new features of Android O known, including the first preview version of what we already know, as well as new features that have just launched a second preview version. The main content will be compiled for your reference.

Android O release schedule

Google has released the schedule for each preview release. The second developer preview has arrived at I/O 2017 as expected. The third version will be released in mid-June and the fourth will be in mid-July. The public version of Android 8.0 will be released sometime in Q3, most likely in late August or early September. Currently only supports six devices: Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and Nexus Player

First, Android O second developer preview version of the new features

1, Fluid Experiences concept

Google announced at I/O 2017 that Fluid Experiences is Google’s new concept for helping users increase productivity on Android O and enjoy multitasking tools for daily use. It includes a series of new features and improvements.

TensorFlow Lite

TensorFlow Lite is a streamlined version of Google's machine learning tool TensorFlow, a new tool that helps low-power devices keep pace with today's high-intensity task processing and uses new neural network APIs to help accelerate the data processing of the underlying chips. This feature helps to improve voice processing, visual search, augmented reality and other capabilities for the next generation of online devices. As mobile device manufacturers increasingly incorporate various AI functions into their ROMs, correspondingly, chip makers such as Qualcomm have begun adding on-chip machine learning capabilities to their products, so TensorFlow Lite comes in handy time.


In Android O, Google emphasizes the fluency in multitasking scenarios. At I/O 2017, Google demonstrated the enhanced picture-in-picture mode, bringing users a smooth operation experience between different applications. For example, users can watch a movie on Netflix, support the reduction of the movie screen into a floating window, view the calendar while viewing the movie, search for information and other work, which is not the same as the ordinary picture-in-picture split mode. Wake-up of this function only needs to click the Home button, if you want to end this mode, you can slide the window down to terminate

Notification Dots

Before Android O, users who use Android phones want to see which applications have pushed notifications. They may only be visible in the drop-down notification center. However, in Android O, Google has improved the Android notification function. This is the new Notification Dots feature, which is a small circular point above the application icon that only appears when the app has an unread notification. When you press and hold the application icon at this time, it will be quickly previewed in a bubble-like form. And deleting these unread notifications in the notification center, the marker points on the app icon will disappear

Smart Text Selection

In the past, you needed a lot of steps to get an address and navigate to that location. The first step was to receive this information, then select the text, copy, open the map, paste it in, and start the navigation. In Android O, it will save a lot. Smart Text Selection is a function that uses Google's machine learning to detect when an address or phone number is selected and then automatically apply it to the corresponding application. If you click on the address of a restaurant sent to you by a friend, Google will know what you want and automatically use the map to start the route. Telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. can also be done.

[Provide efficiency, acceleration! One article to understand all the new features of Android O (Android 8.0)]

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